Geriatric Care Unit

A system of care coordinated by an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals in a comfortable setting to meet the medical, physical, emotional and behavioral needs of the elderly

elder's health condition and medical needs

What is Satyanand Geriatric Care Unit?

Satyanand Geriatric Care Unit helps the elderly to discern the best way to improve their health and maintain functional ability. We encourage Self-Management of chronic conditions, providing regular assessment, with regular medical and non medical care. We inform and educate family members about elder's health condition and medical needs.

Medical care for the elderly is often difficult to access, fragmented, discontinuous, inefficient, unsafe and expensive. Often, important aspects of care fall through the crack, resulting in avoidable Emergency Room visits and ICU admission. For these reasons Satyanand Geriatric Care Unit takes responsibility of the elderly by ensuring optimal care for the elderly, providing respite for the family members and minimizing costs.

Satyanand Geriatric Care Unit helps family members to meet elder's needs by communicating relevant information and assisting in complex decision making related to health and well being of the elder, including hospice/palliative care.

1.Is your elder dealing with chronic condition(s)?

2.Has your elder had a fall, has difficulty with memory and managing medications, or has concerns related to his or her safety?

3.Has your elder had frequent trips to doctor, hospitalization or ICU stay that has increased stress on you and other family members?

4.Is your elder recovering from surgery, illness or accident with no one to take care at home?

5.Are you concerned because you are unable to give quality time and care to your elder as you are staying away?

6.Are you seeking trustworthy assistance to care for your elder?

7.Do you have to go for vacation or business trip and want your elderly to be taken care while you are not there?

In case the answer to any of these is YES then Satyanand Geriatric Unit is the answer for care of your Elder

Satyanand Geriatric Unit coexists in the Satyanand Hospital premises as such the following facilities are available in house and does not require transportation of your elder for these facilities:

Laboratory services

Imaging services

Heart and Diabetic Care unit

Well equipped 6 bedded ICU

State of art Operation Theater

All medical Specialists and hospital Services

Physician Direct the patient's care and reviews medical need.
Medical Officer Medical Officer remains "On Call" 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Nurses Access the Physical condition, administer medication and carry out other clinical procedure for the elderly.
Attendants Provide good care, support and hospitality to the elderly. They assist with activities of daily living.
Psychiatrist Work to help the elderly and their families cope with the emotional stress of meeting the care needs. To asses, diagnose and manage commonly occurring condition in elderly like dementia, depression, anxiety, insomnia etc.
Speech, Dietician, Occupational and Physiotherapist These qualified professionals with special skills are available to meet the particular needs of the elderly.
Yoga Teacher A qualified Yoga teacher who on individual basis prescribes yoga practices to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

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  • Satyanand Multispeciality Hospital offer old age home for those people who really needs care.We offer affordable dementia care homes for your comfort.
  • The personnel touch of our dedicated and caring staff elevates the standard of health care services at your door step.


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