Rights & Responsibility

Rights of a Patient

As a patient you and your family should have the rights to know the following :

Information related to diagnosis, condition, treatment and medicines.

Have secrecy during Examination, Treatment and Conversation with your physician and other healthcare providers.

Expect prompt treatment during Emergency.

Clarify all your doubts before signing the consent form such as general consent form and consent form for Surgery/Anesthesia/High risk procedures.

Patient can seek second opinion about his/her disease treatment, etc.

Patients can ask for copies of medical records.

Say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to experimental treatments, research, project affecting his/her care treatment.

Get entire details of the bill.

Express your concerns, complaints and or grievance to any of our hospital staff.

Responsibilities of a Patient

Provide accurate information about your past illness, hospitalization, allergies, habits and current & past use of medication.

Read all medical forms and consents thoroughly and ask for explanation if you do not understand before you sign.

Follow the treatment plan recommended by your doctor.

Accept financial responsibility and settle your bills promptly.

Follow our policies regarding smoking, noise, visiting time, number of visitors and other rules & regulations.

Be considerate and cooperative.

Take care of your belongings.

Sign the leaving “Against Medical Advice“ form if you insisted on leaving against medical advice.

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